General information about the profession

The cook is a person who is doing the cooking. Cooks are called cooks. The word "cooking" comes from the Latin word "culina" (kitchen).

Ukrainian cuisine has long featured a variety of dishes, taste and nutritional qualities. Cooking became a separate specialty at princely courts and monasteries. Already in the XI century in the Kiev-Pechersk monastery among the monks there were several chefs.

The chefs could create the reputation of noble houses and even entire States. Today the chef is not to a lesser extent, can affect reality. Being a connoisseur of his craft, the chef can change the mood of the guests, to glorify a particular name, to create a particular restaurant brand.

The nature of the work

The process of cooking consists of several stages and operations. Cook primarily performs the following operations: Untitled 1reception of raw material, its processing, storage of products; preparation of cold appetizers, hot dishes and drinks, flour products; presentation of meals and their distribution.

Basic operations the cook performs manually. But today, the majority of time-consuming operations exercise machines, mechanisms and machines. In the kitchen, the cook seemed lost among the many devices, mechanical, thermal and refrigeration equipment.

The cook should have a good General intelligence, well-developed senses of touch and smell; the coordination of movements of hands; high levels of concentration, switching, stability and volume of attention; a well-developed long-term, linguistic, logical, visual, imaginative, memory.

Working conditions

The work of chefs belong to the category of physical labor of moderate severity. A chef can work both women and men of different ages.

The precise organization of work in the company, rational use of labour is largely dependent on compliance with employee work and vacation schedule.

The layout of the workplace provides the convenience of work, saving of labor movements, industrial areas, the efficiency of the service.

In cook's case, the main thing - talent, taste, imagination. The profession demands meticulous precision, the availability of a creative vein to come up with an original recipe or elegant to decorate the dish. The sense of smell and subtle taste sensations will help the chef to reach the heights in career. A good cook must be attentive, neat, organized, have a good memory.

Qualification requirements

Cook, rank 3 should be able

Untitled 2To carry out the processes of primary cooking of raw materials. To carry out ancillary works for the manufacture of food and food products. Forming and pyrovate products. Cooking and culinary products that require simple cooking: boil, fry, bake and bake products. To make meals of concentrates. Portionality (complete), handing out dishes of mass demand.

Cook 4 ranks must be able

Produce and portionality semi-finished products from fish, beef, pork, lambUntitled 3. To prepare sturgeon to thermal processing. To prepare the bird for roasting and frying. To prepare dishes and culinary products of mass demand, using various methods of thermal cooking. Make cold meals and snacks: salads, vegetable, meat, salad, fish under marinade, jellies, and more. Boil broth (meat, meat-and-bone, fish, mushroom) and soups (filling, puree, cold, sweet, dairy). Prepare various types of sauces and sautéing in broth, milk, sour cream. To prepare the second dishes from meat, fish, vegetables, cereals, boiled, steamed, baked, fried (boiled meat, boiled fish, fried, steam, stuffed vegetables, casseroles, vegetables, cereals, dairy dishes, etc). To prepare hot and cold drinks, sweet dishes. To prepare unleavened, yeast dough, shaping and baking of it the product. To give made the dish.

Cook 5 discharge must be able

Cooking and serving meals and culinary products that require specific knowledge and skills in case of applying different methods of cooking
Untitled 4 (cold dishes, soups transparent and filling, soups); main dishes complicated preparation of boiled, poached, roasted, steamed, cut, steam meat, fish, poultry, rabbit.

To prepare all types of hot and cold sauces, garnishes, desserts. To prepare the pastry, custard, sponge, sheet and glassware.

To prepare, issue and release a variety of light meals, meals for therapeutic and preventive nutrition. To make the menu application to receive raw materials, semi-finished products and other food components, stock reports. To be responsible for the observance of a compounding and technology of food and food products. Instruct cooks who have low discharge.

Related professions

Cook's profession is connected with many other professions, where the subject of labor are products. Those who already have a profession chef can easily master the profession of pastry chef, Baker, dough moulder, barman, waiter, bartender, barman, chef pastry, Castorama, chef products semi-finished products from fish and sea products, meat, poultry, and rabbits, betonica, master production dairy and dairy products, cheesemaking, maslarova.


Cook's profession is one of the few that will be in demand always, under any circumstances, despite the crisis and other problems.

Recently the restaurant business is developing rapidly, changing approaches to the process of cooking. Than the original kitchen and restaurant facilities, the high demand it enjoys among consumers.

With 3 category, you can go to assistant chefs, gradually promoted to sous-chef, the right hand of the chef and finally to the chef. Chef, this is 5-6 digits.

Skilled chef can also become self-employed, and in the presence of organizational abilities to create its own structure for the production and sale of products through catering and private catering. It is the creativity of the chefs here plays "first violin". Good cook today is the Creator, a real jeweler, creating culinary gems.

Characteristic of the best chefs is that they do not stop on what we have already achieved and constantly uchatsja, carefully study and adopt the experience of others, participate in various professional contests. Another step to skill — development and creating new dishes. And once, perhaps, the whole world will feast on a dish that will bear your name.